A few years ago, Mike and Stefanie had noticed some stairstep cracking in their foundation, and reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems for help. They were offered a Helical Tieback anchor system to permanently stabilized and stop the worsening of the wall. The system not only stops and stabilizes the walls, but can also straightened over time.


Every year Mike and Stefanie have an annual service completed on their systems to make sure the proper force and pressure is being applied to the wall. Without the service, the wall will never have a chance to increase or straighten. Service technician Scott, was inspecting the Helical Tieback system, and ensuring that the anchors were holding up. Because it had been a few years, new bolts were installed to keep the pressure secure. Each year, the bowing wall becomes better and better than the last.

Project Summary

Annual Service Maintenance: Helical Tieback System

Service Technician: Scoot Mohr

Stairstep cracking before the Helical Tieback system was installed.
Annual service keeps the system working properly and effectively.
New bolts are applied to ensure the appropriate pressure stay consistent throughout the system.