Patricia was beginning to notice water coming into her basement from the foundation cracks. As she began to investigate more, she realized that her walls were bowing and contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems immediately. During inspection, it was addressed that all four walls were receiving excessive amounts of pressure, causing them to bow. Because of the bowing, foundation cracks had formed allowing water to seep in and make the basement wet.


Design specialist, Mac, suggested a CarbonArmor and GeoLock Wall Anchor systems to address the bowing walls. CarbonArmor is a flexible fabric that provides ultimate strength to permanently stabilize bowing walls. It has a low profile design that contours tightly against the wall, stopping the wall from bowing anymore. The GeoLock Wall Anchors were installed along the foundation wall that had a half inch gap. GeoLock Anchors stop walls from bowing more while potentially straightening them over time. To address the water issue, WaterGuard was installed around the perimeter of the walls. Water that seeps in through the cracks now collect into the WaterGuard to be properly directed to the TripleSafe sump. Once water reaches the TripleSafe sump, it can be discharged from the home, keeping the basement dry. BrightWall was installed to give the basement a clean, bright look. BrightWall is an inorganic panel that will not chip, warp, crack, mold, or rot if it becomes wet, keeping Patricia’s basement looking beautiful. Now she has a stable foundation and waterproofed basement thanks to the help of MidAmerica Basement Systems.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Mac McDaniel

Project Engineer: Dillon Heard

Waterproof System: TripleSafe, WaterGuard, & BrightWall Panels

Foundation Repair: CarbonAmor & GeoLock Wall Anchors

Large foundation cracks are caused from bowing walls, producing a wet and unstable basement.
CarbonArmor is installed to permanently stop the walls from bowing. The low profile design allows for BrightWall Panels to be installed over top of them.
Crewmen install BrightWall to give the basement a bright, clean look. Any water that seeps in through the foundation cracks will trickle down into the new WaterGuard system.