Jay was having issues with a leaking basement. Water was coming in from all areas of the basement, making a mess rain or shine. Jay also had concerns about his driveway and sidewalks around his home. Because he lived on a hill, areas through the concrete had shifted and sunk, leaving tripping hazards and an unsightly appearance to his home. Jay had heard about MidAmerica Basement Systems and reached out for help.


Design specialist, Joe, inspected Jay’s situation and offered him solutions to both the leaking basement and sinking concrete. To help reduce moisture levels in the basement, a CleanSpace Wall system was installed. WaterGuard was installed along the inside perimeter of the basement to collect seeping water, preventing it from surfacing. Once collected in the WaterGuard, water is redirected to a TripleSafe sump. Due too the large basement area and the amount of water that enters the basement, two TripleSafe sumps were installed to keep the basement dry. A SaniDry Sedona was also installed to keep moisture and humidity levels controlled, helping prevent mold growth. To lift and level the sunken concrete, a PolyLevel solution was injected. PolyLevel is injected underneath the concrete to fill the voids and then expands to lift and stabilize the concrete. Appling NexusPro Joint Sealant helps prevent future washouts from the ground underneath the concrete and protects against stress cracks from worsening over time.

CleanSpace Wall system helps reduce moisture levels and WaterGuard helps collect and redirect seeping water.
The TripleSafe sumps properly discharge the water out of the home, keeping the basement dry.
Sinking concrete has left the driveway and sidewalks full of tripping hazards and an unsightly appearance for the home.
Poly ports are installed, ready for the injections to lift and stabilize the concrete.
Driveway and sidewalk have been leveled and stabilized, and NexusPro applied to properly sealed the cracks.