Jennifer and Tom K. live in Davenport and were frustrated with water coming into their home. The couple saw an ad for MidAmerica Basement Systems on television and decided to give the professionals a call. The homeowners spoke to Appointment Center Manager, Jennifer Abel, and explained they noticed water coming in during heavy rains and seeping through the floors, pin holes in the walls as well as through possible cracks. The team sent Design Specialist, Michael Banks, to the home for a thorough inspection of the property and provide the couple with an estimate. After fully explaining what permanent solutions can remedy the homeowners’ wet basement issues, Tom and Jennifer gave the MidAmerica team their approval. 


Foreman, Justin Bailey, led the project. The crew waterproofed the perimeter by installing a WaterGuard subfloor drainage system. The team installed WaterGuard on top the foundation footing which prevents clogs that are common in other drainage systems. A TripleSafe pump system was installed to keep this basement dry in rain or shine. The TripleSafe also includes 3 CleanPump stands, airtight lid with airtight floor drain, and WaterWatch alarm system. The crew also installed IceGuard to prevent floods from frozen discharge line and a LawnScape outlet at end of discharge line. Along with WaterGuard, a WaterGuard Port was installed for easy access to system. The team constructed the discharge lines to be buried in a trench 15 ft. long exiting towards the east side of home to avoid their stairs. Jennifer and tom K. are happy homeowners to no longer stress about water seepage in their basement!

The area before tripleSafe sump pump installation.
Basement before waterproofing.
Customized discharge lines.
Featuring WaterGuard, customized discharge lines running from TripleSafe sump pump with battery switch for long lasting pumping power during blackouts common is storms.