Larry V., a Morrison, IL homeowner, got in touch with MidAmerica Basement Systems because he wanted to finish his basement. He knew that it was important to waterproof the basement first, so as not to be sorry later. He also had issues with water coming in through the floor and wall seriously


Larry met with his design specialist, Bryan Christopherson. Bryan conducted a thorough investigation of the inside and outside of the home. He discovered the water intrusion's point of entry and designed a custom solution for Larry and his basement, that would allow him to finish the basement himself in the future. (MidAmerica Basement Systems also offers a Total Basement Finishing line of products.) 

Bryan suggested that Larry have WaterGuard installed in his basement, as well as a SuperSump Sump Pump, a buried discharge line, a LawnScape well, and an EverLast Window. To insulate the basement, Bryan recommended the pre-studded Basement to Beautiful Panels. 

WaterGuard is Basement System's patented, sub-floor drainage system, that empties into the SuperSump Sump Pump, which is equipped with a powerful Zoeller pump. The SuperSump Sump Pump drains out a buried discharge line. The discharge line has an additional IceGuard attachment piece. IceGuard allows the water to empty out over the snow and ice. Finally, the metal-studded Basement to Beautiful Panels have graphite particles that increase insulation by up to 24%. It comes with an R-13 insulation rating, and is made with inorganic materials, that don't allow mold or rot to grow. Larry is now free to finish his basement without fear of it getting wet in the process. Larry loves his now dry and warm basement!

At the base of the walls, there is dampness.
SuperSump Sump Pump partially installed. The descending discharge line is yet to be attached.
The basement will soon be transformed by Basement to Beautiful Panels.
The Basement to Beautiful panels look great, and are helping to keep the basement warm.
Larry will be able custom finish his warm basement.
Larry is very happy to have the whole basement system installed. It looks great!