Joe and Vanessa M. of Cedar Rapids knew they wanted to add light and functionality to their basement. They knew a new egress window would accomplish both. They called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems to get a free estimate, and a custom designed solution. 


After calling MidAmerica Basement Systems, Joe and Vanessa M. met with design specialist Kiel Marks. Kiel evaluated their needs, and designed a custom solution that would meet the homeowners' goal. With a large 4x4 StakWEL Egress Window, the homeowners' would have endless possibilities! They could use the window to add extra light to their basement, making the window a comfortable staple in a family room or entertainment room. They could also build a new basement bedroom, that would meet the fire escape requirements. Or, they could simply enjoy the view. 

Foreman Xavier Cuevas and his team installed the new basement window. The StakWEL Egress window looks great, and is functioning as an extra basement exit. With the StakWEL system, water is pumped away from the soil so that it won't enter the home, keeping the window well dry. The aesthetically pleasing window well meets all building codes, and will never rust or require painting. Additionally, the window well has "Grip/Step" design that aids in escape during an emergency. With the StakWEL Polycarbonate Cover, debris stays out of the well, keeping the appearance clean while providing energy efficiency. Heat that escapes in the winter through the window is trapped in the well, lowering the cost of energy bills. 

With more light in their basement, a safe escape and energy efficiency at their fingertips, Joe and Vanessa M. couldn't be happier!

The new egress window will be installed here.
The whole is carefully cut for the new window. The pump can be seen next to the team member's foot.
The window and well have been newly installed.
The pump and exit system will keep water away from the window, and out of the basement.
The new cover has been installed to protect energy efficiency and keep debris out of the well.
The window looks just as good from the inside!