Marva has a crawl space under her home that she was displeased with. It was dirty, wet and useless. Marva's goal for the space was to be dry, clean and potentially usable for storage. When she contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems she was looking for advice and solutions on how she could make this a more usable area in her home. Our appointment center listened to her concerns and sent a design specialist to asses the crawl space and help her understand all of her options for this space. 


Our design specialist Mac McDaniel educated Marva on how encapsulating her crawl space was the best idea for her and the life of her home. After she felt she was fully educated on the project, Marva decided to go forward with a crawl space encapsulation. The first step in encapsulating Marva’s crawl space was to make sure we fixed the water issue she was concerned about. CleanSpace will help keep Marva’s crawl space water tight while also helping to keep out rodents and insects. When you have an open earth crawlspace you are subject to moisture which can lead to mold in your home. Having mold in your home can lead to allergies and other health issues. To help with mold and moisture, Marva had a SaniDry Sedona placed in her crawl space to keep the humidity at an ideal level. The SaniDry is a dehumidifier that works to keep your moisture levels low while also making sure that you are not subject to dry rotting wood. The SaniDry Sedona is a system that works completely on its own. With other dehumidifiers you worry about when it's the right time to turn it on and off. The SaniDry Sedona, much like your air conditioner, works when it needs to keep your home at the level of humidity you set it at.  Marva was very pleased with the work she had done and even allowed the marketing team to come and photograph her new space. 

Marva's crawlspace before CleanSpace instillation.
Marva's crawlspace after CleanSpace instillation.
Marva's crawlspace before encapsulation.
Marva's crawlspace after encapsulating with SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier.