Recently, homeowner Erika contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to learn more about options for waterproofing the crawlspace under her home. She has lived in her home for the last year and during that time, she noticed that her crawlspace was taking on water. Erika was concerned because she knew that the water issues could also lead to a mold problem.


To fix her crawlspace, she had MidAmerica Basement System encapsulate the entire crawlspace area. The encapsulation process included a drainage matting that is added to the floor to make sure that the water flows away from the home properly. Then CleanSpace, similar to a thick pool liner, is added to the entire crawlspace, in order to keep it moisture free. By making sure that the home stays dry, Erika no longer needs to worry about mold and mildew.

After the CleanSpace is finished and the home is now waterproof.
CleanSpace will keep out water and also unwanted rodents and insects.
The drainage matting will help the flow of water.