Karen is the homeowner of this basement near Peoria, IL. Karen reached out to the MidAmerica Basement Systems professionals with concerns about her crawl space. She explained that she has utilities in the crawl space along with pipes running through the space. The space had been poorly water proofed before with an inadequate sump system, which was seemingly a hole in the ground with sitting water at the bottom of it. Attempts to seal the space from the earth was a sadly installed thin plastic application. None of the solutions before were effective and Karen had enough and wanted solutions that would work and last. The MidAmerica Basement Systems team sent out Systems Design Specialist, Dan Garner, to go out to Karen's property and provide her with a free inspection and estimate. Dan was able to explain viable solutions that would address all of Karen's crawl space concerns.  


The project had Lead Foreman Mike Clementz on site. This crawlspace had utilities which means there were numerous pipes running through it. This posed a variety of opportunities for leaks/floods so the team installed the patented SmartSump pump in place of the feeble hole in the ground. The SmartSump unit is especially made for crawl spaces, automatically pumping water out of the space. SmartSump is equipped with an airtight lid, a 1/3 hp. cast iron pump with a mechanical float switch, and the WaterWatch alarm system designed to alert Karen of any rising issues. To adequately encapsulate the crawl space from the exposed dirt, the team fitted the space with the CleanSpace liner. CleanSpace is a 20 mil thick material that is similar to pool liners and is very effective as a water vapor barrier. The CleanSpace also come with an antimicrobial additive, called UltraFresh, which resists mold growth on the liner. CleanSpace is fastened to the space, keeping the CleanSpace from being torn down or moved about like the old system. CleanSpace is stronger, thicker, and specially made to withstand crawl space conditions.

There were a number of ways water could continue ravaging this crawl space, but now the space is dry, sealed and protected with SmartSump and CleanSpace.

The crawl space was dark, damp and dank.
With CleanSPace and SmartSump, the space is transformed into a dryer, cleaner and healthier space that Karen can now use as extra storage space!
UltraSump will protect this crawl space in the event of a leak (which may have been inevitable with the amount of utilities and piping running through the space)