David H. from Rock Island was experiencing flooding in his basement. He knew he had to remedy the situation before the condition worsened so called the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems. David explained to Appointment Center Representative, Brittany Soucy, that he had water coming in from the bottom of wall and admitted to not having a sump pump. The team sent Design Specialist, Michael Banks, to inspect the home and provide David with the best solution. Looking forward to the prospect of having a permanently dry basement, David gave the nod of approval!


The project was led by Foreman, Mike Clementz. The team waterproofed the basement by installing a perimeter drainage system, the patented WaterGuard. WaterGuard is designed to drain wall leaks to the sump pump. Since the basement didn’t’ have a sump pump, the team had to determine the lowest point of the basement for the sump pump installation. The basement went from having no sump pump at all to having the best sump pump of them all, a TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe is a 3 in 1 pump system with all the features that make it exceptionally efficient! These features include a back-up battery sump pump, UltraSump that activated when the power goes out. TripleSafe also comes with WaterWatch alarm that will alert the homeowner of any rising issues. The team also installed EverLast wall restoration to the basement walls. EverLast is made of all inorganic materials so it will not support mold growth and the system further waterproofs by draining wall leaks to the WaterGuard perimeter drainage system. David now has a basement that is better guarded from water intrusion and is instantly elevated with a new wall system.

TripleSafe installation!
Perimeter waterproofed.
The team restored the damaged walls with EverLAst Wall Restoration panels.