Public park has the doorway portion of the sidewalk is tied to the foundation of the building, however the sidewalk surrounding the building was not tied into the foundation. This is allowing the building and the sidewalk to settle at different rates, resulting in an uneven walking condition and dangerous trip hazards. Earlier attempts by the Parks and Recreation department to blend the uneven concrete sidewalk was only partially successful.


Concrete patches were removed using a jackhammer and cleared out. PolyLevel PL250 was pumped into the lower portions of the concrete sidewalk to lift it to the sidewalk portions that were tied to the pavilion foundation. Required lift was from between ½” in the lowest areas to over 3” in the portions where there was the most dramatic settling. Some concrete seams were cut to remedy binding between the two slabs to allow free movement to allow the low slab to rise. In some areas, mechanical slab lifters were used to help the PolyLevel Lifting process blend the slab levels more easily.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: James Palagi

Production Specialist: Richard Brown

PolyLEVEL PL250: Concrete leveling injection technology

Patchwork from the Parks and Recreation department was failing, producing a tripping hazard once again.
Crewmen use jackhammers to remove patchwork so PolyLEVEL can be injected.
Some areas had sunken as much as 3 inches, causing serve tripping hazards.
After PolyLEVEL was injected, all concrete had been leveled, and tripping hazards were no longer present.