Looking to improve their usable space in their basement, Bret and Christa M. decided to add natural light with the installation of a couple of egress windows. Egress windows, which allow for the creation of legal bedrooms in the basement of the house, are designed to be beautiful additions of natural light, and a safe escape in the event of an emergency. Bret and Christa decided to call the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems for a free estimate.


Bret and Christa M. meet with design specialist Dustin Shepard. Dustin conducted a thorough inspection of the home. He answered the homeowners' questions, and listened to their needs before designing an egress system that would maximize the functionality of the basement space.

Foreman Bryan Ghirst and his team installed the egress system, with two StawWEL Egress Windows and Wells, and an egress pump and exit system for each window. The pump and exit system helps to keep water from pooling in the well, and potentially entering the home. The beautiful new windows are now installed, adding value and maximizing space. Bret and Christa are very happy.

Before from the outside view.
Interior before.
The StakWEL Egress Window is installed.
The two new windows look great!
The window adds more natural light to the basement.