Hydrostatic pressure causes ground saturation to the backfill soil around a home’s foundation. This causes water to exert pressure on the walls, pushing the foundation inwards. Bowing walls are commonly associated with hydrostatic pressure, decreasing the stability of the home’s structure. Horizontal cracking begins to form, and increase in size over time when it is not addressed at the first signs. Stair-step cracking becomes present when the bowing continues to worsen, causing the foundation to weaken even more.


A solution to bowing walls is a PowerBrace system. A PowerBrace is a patented I-beam system that allows permanent support for failing foundation. This system can be tightened over time, potentially straightening the failing structure. Each beam has a zinc coating that makes them resistant to corrosion, reducing abrasion and wears, while leaving the surface non-toxic.

Installation of each PowerBraces is properly calculated to evenly distribute the weight of the home and pressure on the walls. Each beam is appropriately installed in the wooden floor joists, preventing any stress to the floor system, while providing the exact stabilization to the failing foundation. Critical installation of PowerBraces produce quality stabilization, increasing the chances of straightening the walls.

Project Summary

Foundation Repair: PowerBrace System

Project Engineer: Pete Hensler

Project Engineer: Mike Clementz

Bowing walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure. Horizontal and stair-step cracking become more prominent over time as the problem worsens.
Crewmen Mike prepares the concrete for the installation of the PowerBrace. Installing the beam in the concrete first, adds prevention from damaging the floor joist system.
Crewmen Pete finishing installation of PowerBraces into the floor joist system. Due to proper load distribution calculations, the is no worry in the future of damage to the wooden floor system.
With the PowerBrace system installed, the home's foundation is permanent and safe. The issue is properly addressed, preventing the walls from bowing any further.
The PowerBrace system prevents the walls from worsening. Over time, the system can be tightened to better the appearance of the walls.