Justin had begun noticing water in his basement, growing concern to how it would be fixed. In years past, he had a bowing wall issue, and an I-Beam system was installed. He recently started noticing water seeping in his basement, and more foundation cracks appearing along the walls. Justin wanted to eventually finish his basement so he reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the basement waterproofed. During his inspection, it was addressed that the walls have actually worsened over the years, and was aiding in the allowance of the water seepage. The I-Beam system was installed too far away from the wall, causing the wall to bow inward even more, leading to more foundation cracks and water seepage.


Design specialist Mike, offered him a permanent solution to stabilize the bowing walls. CarbonArmor is a flexible carbon fiber product that is applied to the foundation to stop the wall from worsening, and permanently stabilize to failing walls. The ArmorLock is combined with the CarbonArmor to prevent the home from tipping, offering the most effective hold needed for stabilization. It’s low profile design is ideal for installing in tight areas or when the homeowner is looking to finish their basement. For Justin it gives him the option of painting over the system, or installing walling over the area. WaterGuard was installed around the perimeter of the basement to collect any seeping water and redirect it to the TripleSafe. WaterGuard also has a flange that allows for any seepage from the walls to enter in the drainage track, preventing it from pooling on the floor. Once water is collect, it is than channeled to the TripleSafe sump to be discharged out of the home. The TripleSafe offers three sumps, a primary sump, and secondary sump, and a battery back-up sump. A SaniDry Sedona was also installed to control humidity and moisture issues throughout the basement. The industrial dehumidifier is ideal in a basement especially when the basement is finished or in the process of becoming finished. It controls the levels of moisture and humidity, helping prevent mold and mildew growth, and keeping organic materials, such as drywall, dry.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Mike Banks

Project Foreman: Mike Clementz

Bowing Wall Repair: CarbonArmor & ArmorLock

Basement Waterproofing: TripleSafe, WaterGuard, & SaniDry Sedona

Old I-Beam system was not installed properly allowing the walls to worsen.
The basement is prepared for waterproofing system.
CarbonArmor is installed properly to permanently stabilize the wall. The unpainted areas indicate the old placement of the I-Beams that were ineffective.
WaterGuard is installed around the entire perimeter, waterproofing the whole basement.
A TripleSafe, SaniDry Sedona, and a CarbonArmor systems work together to waterproof and stabilize the homeowner's basement.