As years past, the ground that your home sits on settles. With settling ground(s), your home undergoes stress and can cause a handful of issues. For homeowners Jack and Gwen of Davenport, the settlement took a toll on their home. Three (3) of the foundation walls were starting to bow due to the pressure of the earth, that than turned into a leaky basement. If left untreated, walls can begin to cracks not only in the foundation, but even on the main living floors of the home and outside the home as well.


There are many different solutions to fixing bowing walls. One solution are GeoLock anchors. GeoLock anchors are a wall anchor system that is placed into the soil and through the foundation wall to keep the wall from furthering inward, but can be tightened to potentially straighten it to its original state. Even though the foundation is now at a stable state, water is still going to be present. Installing a TripleSafe Sump, CleanSpace, and WaterGuard help discharge any water that gets into the home. TripleSafe Sump is a three-pump system – two main pumps with one battery backup incase the power goes out. CleanSpace is a thick liner that stops moisture from entering the air and directs any of it to the discharge lines. WaterGuard is a piping line system that directs all water to the sump pump. Now that Jack and Gwen’s basement is structurally safe and waterproofed, they can begin using their basement as a storage room, and even turn it into a livable space in the future!

Project Summary

Foundation Repair: GeoLock

Waterproofing: TripleSafe Sump, CleanSpace, WaterGuard

GeoLock Anchors installed to stable foundation.
CleanSpace is put into place to seal the walls from moisture.
WaterGuard is installed to direct water to the sump pump.
TripleSafe Sump is set and ready to discharge any water that comes into the home.