Lisa S. of Cedar Rapids, IA had worked with MidAmerica Basement Systems before. The full perimeter WaterGuard system has and continues to keep her basement dry. However, she was surprised when water started coming through the walls. Luckily, she knew who to call!


When design specialist Bryan Christopherson came out to investigate the basement, he identified bowing walls as the point of water intrusion. To combat the bowing walls, Bryan recommended CarbonArmor. CarbonArmor is a foundation support product used to stabilize walls. CarbonArmor is made of carbon fiber, and is a product ten times stronger than steel. It stops bowing walls in their tracks, and consequently stops the water too. Then, Bryan recommended putting CleanSpace up over the newly stabilized walls to trap any moisture and prevent water from getting into the interior.

Foreman Justin Bailey and his team got to work installing the new wall system. The CarbonArmor was installed both vertically and horizontally to better stabilize the walls. The CarbonArmor install went smoothly, and so did the addition of CleanSpace Wall Liner. The basement now looks incredible, and the walls are stable, and the basement is once again water free. The homeowner, Linda S., is very happy. 

This image shows co-foreman, Dalen, preparing the wall for CarbonArmor installation.
The walls are being scarified for CarbonArmor.
The CarbonArmor is newly installed. The horizontal strips provide extra reinforcement.
CleanSpace is placed above the CarbonArmor to protect the walls, but also keep the basement bright.