Vern S., a Davenport, IA homeowner, was looking to sell his home but was concerned about settlement. His home was positioned next to a ravine, and the part of his home that was settling rested on soil being supported by a retaining wall. He called MidAmerica Basement Systems. 


Vern met with design specialist Mac McDaniel, and Mac conducted a thorough investigation of the inside and outside of Vern's home. Mac then proposed a custom solution for Vern and his home. Mac recommended that Vern have Helical Piers installed to stabilize and lift the sinking portion of the house. Due to the location of the wall in question, the production team would have to hand-dig the hole.

Foreman Pete Hensler and his team installed the system by hand digging space for the Helical Piers. Then, the team drove the piers into the packed, supportive soil well below the surface. The piers helped to lift and stabilize the home, making it possible for Vern to sell the house just a couple of weeks later. Vern is grateful that he was able to sell his home, and rests easy knowing that the home is safe for the new owners. 

This image shows the area before any work is done.
The team hand digs the holes for the Helical Pier installation.
A hand-dug hole with the helical pier visible.
Backfilling the dirt.