Jeff R. is the owner of this home in Cedar Rapids. Jeff was worried about the sloping condition of the home so he contacted the MidAmerica basement Systems team. Jeff spoke to Jessica McDonough, an Appointment Center Representative, to schedule a visit from one of MidAmerica Basement Systems experts. The team sent Design Specialist, Dustin Shepard, to inspect the property and provide Jeff a free estimate. After a thorough inspection, Dustin explained that installing helical piers would permanently stabilize the home with minimal disturbance. Excited for a permanent solution, Jeff gave the team his approval to begin the project.


The Foreman for the project was Peter “Pete” Hensler. The team began the project by removing the soil where the installation occurred to gain access to the foundation footing. Once the footing was exposed, the team began hydraulically driving piers deep into the ground to more competent soils. The first section that is advanced into the ground has one or more helix shaped blades welded to the shaft, hence the name helical piers. When the proper capacity is achieved, the team positions heavy duty steel brackets to the foundation footing. With all of the components in place, the weight of the home is then transferred through the helical piers to adequate soil providing permanent support to Jeff’s home. Jeff is thrilled to have a stable home thanks to the professional application of the MidAmerica Basement Systems team!

The team uses hydraulics to drive the pier deep into competent soils.
Heavy duty steel brackets are installed below the foundation footing.
Once the home is supported, the team backfills the area to complete the project!