Karen and John were growing concerns when they noticed that their neighbors around them were installing radon mitigation systems. They decided to conduct a test themselves and purchased a charcoal test kit from the local hardware store. After receiving the results back, they quickly reached out for help.


They contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to have their home evaluated for a radon mitigation system. Dan inspected their home, and told them the importance of sealing off all cracks in the foundation. Sealing the cracks allows for the system to properly depressurize the gases under the foundation, making the pull of radon successful. A small hole was created in the home’s foundation to install the radon mitigation system, creating the depressurization needed to have an effective result. Radon gas is successfully pulled from under the home, and released back outside the home, leaving the air quality for Karen and John safer.

Project Summary

Protecting from Radon: Radon Mitigation System

Design Specialist: Dan Garner

Project Foreman: Bill Wilcox

PVC piping is being installed to help control the pull of the radon gas from under the home's foundation.
The system is properly installed in the home, pulling the radon gas from out from under the foundation.
The radon mitigation fan successfully filters the radon gas from the home, leaving the air quality much safer.