Leroy is an older man that has had many hip surgery and his sinking driveway and sidewalks make it difficult for him to enter and exit his home. A few years ago, he had his concrete mudjacked to level his driveway and sidewalks, but it had once again sunk, making it very difficult to access his home. He reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the concrete lifted and leveled again.


Once design specialist Cole arrived at Leroy’s home, Cole had a more permanent solution for the sinking concrete. Cole offered Leroy the solution PolyLevel. PolyLevel uses the similar technique to mudjacking, drilling holes in the concrete to be filled with the material, but instead of using large 2-3 inch holes, small 5/8th inch holes are made. PolyLevel is then injected into the holes where the polymer based material fills the voids and expands to lift the concrete. PolyLevel is a lightweight material that only weighs 4 pounds per cubic foot, whereas mudjacking slurry weighs 120 pounds. PolyLevel is also a waterproof material that prevents future washouts of the solution, and will not rot or deteriorate over time. This allows for a longer-lasting solution to mudjacking, helping Leroy access his home easier for longer. PolyLevel also has a quick cure time that allows for Leroy to access the injected area within minutes after injection. Previously when he used the mudjacking technique, he had to wait roughly 5 days for the area to cure. Leroy couldn’t be more satisfied with his solution to leveled concrete.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Cole Tatge

Project Foreman: Richard Brown, Jr.

Concrete Lifting and Leveling: PolyLEVEL

Areas of the sidewalk have sunk roughly 4 inches, making it hard for the homeowner to enter and exit his home. String is laid across the sidewalk to help guide the crew to the appropriate lifting height.
The sunken sidewalk has pulled away from the foundation of the garage, allowing water to seep in between and washout the ground underneath.
A large lift has been created due to the sunken driveway at the entrance of the garage.
After the sidewalk has been lifted, it is now level making it easy for the homeowner to access his home. The concrete is also once again flush with the garage's foundation to prevent washouts.
Workers inspect the lift, making sure all areas were properly lifted and leveled, making the transition between the driveway and garage seamless.