Vicki was having issues with water seeping into her basement when it would rain, and on some occasions, the floor drains would back up due to the sewer lines. She always knew her basement was going to leak when it rained, but never knew when her floor drains were going to back-up, making it difficult to leaving the basement unchecked regularly. She had finally tossed in the towel and reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have a waterproofing system installed to put her worries aside.


Design specialist Mike, had the perfect and proper solution to keep Vicki’s basement dry. He offered her WaterGuard around the perimeter of the basement to help collect and redirect seeping water to a new TripleSafe sump. WaterGuard prevents water from surfacing, making it ideal in aiding to a dry basement. The TripleSafe sump properly discharges water out of the basement, keeping the area dry. As for the floor drain that seems to always back-up, Mike offered a LateralDrain system. Similar to the WaterGuard, LateralDrains are completely flat and can be placed anywhere along the floor. It helps collect water that is coming up from the drain, and redirects the water to the TripleSafe to be discharged. Vicki no longer worries of a leaking or flooding basement, thanks to the help from MidAmerica Basement Systems.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Mike Banks

Project Foreman: Mike Clementz

Waterproofing Products: WaterGuard, LateralDrains, and TripleSafe

Water stains are present on the walls, indicating a leaking basement.
Old floor drain would back-up and cause the basement to flood.
Wooden shelving becomes threatened by water, creating mold and rotting of the wood.
LateralDrains were installed and connected to the WaterGuard system to keep the floor drain from backing up.
WaterGuard is installed around the basement's perimeter to redirect water to the TripleSafe sump.
All water is redirected to the TripleSafe to be properly discharged out of the home, keeping the basement dry.