Mary S. of Milan, IL contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems because the floors above her crawlspace were starting to sag, and the space was very wet. The home was built in the 1940s, so the work was long over due.


Mary met with design specialist Mike Banks. Mike conducted a thorough investigation of the inside and outside of the home to determine the exact cause of the home's issues. Following his investigation, Mike designed a custom solution for the crawlspace issues. 

Foreman Justin Reger and his team installed the products. Mary's solution included Smart Jacks, CleanSpace, and CleanSpace Drainage Matting. Four Smart Jacks were installed to give cross beams more support and lift, leveling the floor above. The CleanSpace Drainage Matting is used to create drainage channels that direct water away from the crawlspace, and the CleanSpace keeps water, insects and vapors out of the crawlspace. Mary is very happy with the level floors and dry crawlspace. 

View of the crawlspace through the floors above.
Bending, rotting wood.
Cinder block attempts to provide lift for crawlspace, but is sinking into the dirt from the weight.
Smart Jack is installed to provide lift support along with a metal cross beam.
CleanSpace encapsulates crawlspace, providing a barrier from insects, spiders, odors, and water.