Newhall homeowner, Donald K., tested his home for Radon and was troubled by the amounts of Radon he and his family were exposed to. Radon is known as a silent killer and the highest amounts of Radon can be found throughout the Midwest, concentrated in states like Illinois and Iowa. Wanting to provide a safe home he reached out to the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. The team sent Design Specialist, Kiel Marks, to Donald's home to provide Donald the system that would best suit the home’s needs. Wanting his family to breathe easy, Donald gave the team the go ahead on the project to make his home safer for his family.


The project was led by Foreman, William "Bill" Wilcox. The team sealed cracks found throughout the foundation to prevent Radon seepage. Once the cracks were sealed, the team installed a Premium Radon fan with sub slab/sump pit depressurization system to draw out Radon fumes. The team also installed a noise muffler inside so that the family hardly realizes their home is being protected from a deadly gas around the clock. To improve the aesthetics, the team installed an interior/exterior cover for the mitigation system. Once the system was in place and running, the team goes the extra mile by providing the family with a post test kit to ensure that the family is truly protected by the newly installed Radon Mitigation system. Donald has made an investment to secure the safety of his family and the outcome is priceless.

An open sump pit is one of the many ways radon can find its way into the home, so the team addresses the issue with the installation of the Premium Radon Mitigation system.
The Radon Mitigation system has a fan that pulls the toxic gases out of the home and takes it above the home and away from the family.
The cover that the team installed to add an aesthetic plus to the system.