Christine of Rock Island is a repeat customer of MidAmerica Basement Systems. Christine had called the experts before about water seeping in her basement when it would rain or when snow would melt. Now that Christine has a dry basement, she wanted to make some finishing touches to the walls. There was some mold that was evident on the basement walls and as the team removed parts of the old wall, there was an abundance of mold growth beind the walls. Christine was right to want to fix these walls and she was lucky to do so before the problem got worse.


The team installed the EverLast Wall Restoration System. EverLast is made of materials high density closed-cell foam insulation with cement-like panels on the face and a durable off-white vinyl finish. Unlike drywall, there is no painting required. Each panel has embedded metal studs along the board. These studs are separated from your foundation walls with 2 1/2" thick rigid foam insulation integrated into each panel, called SilverGlo. SilverGlo is impregnated with graphite which makes it 24% more efficient per-inch than other standard insulation systems. EverLast Wall Panels are 197% Stronger than drywall with stud construction so they are highly dent resistant and cannot be damaged by moisture, so EverLast will not support mold or mildew growth. Homeowners can also appreciate that EverLast is maintenance free. Christine's basement is not only dryer, long lasting, and healthier but is also more aesthetically appealing.

Spreading mold growth.
Installing EverLast wall panel restoration.
Finished Project; EverLast wall panel restoration.