Homeowner Robin has lived in her home for many years. She recently contacted Mis America Basement Systems to learn more about what service they offered. She was experiencing water issues and she wanted to know how to fix it. She met with design specialist Mac McDaniels to learn more about the problem she was having. Mac did a full inspection of her home inside and out and designed a system that would help keep water out of her home. The challenge with this home was that the home had seen water damage and Mac wanted to make sure this system was right for her home. She was very impressed with Mac and his presentation that she knew MidAmerica Basement Systems was the right company for her project. 


Crew Leader Kyle McCarty arrived at her home ready to begin he was prompt and prepared. He installed a full perimeter WaterGuard system and a new TripleSafe sump pump. The WaterGuard is a channeling system that moves the water to the sump pump where it will be pumped out of the home. To install the WaterGuard a trench is dug around the exterior walls of the home. Then the WaterGuard is placed in the trench and it is leveled. Then the sump pump is installed. A pit is dug where the pump will be placed. After the WaterGuard and the TripleSafe are placed and level the team will begin to concrete over the system to hold it in place and to make sure that it is a part of your home. A trench drain is also added to the home so that if water were to get into the home it would drain into the WaterGuard system and not flood the floors of the basement. This full perimeter waterproofing system will make sure that Robin's home stays dry for years to come giving her some piece of mind for the future.

Full view of the room after it has been fully waterproofed and the project is finished.
The trench drain will make sure that if water enters the home from a spot the homeowner had issues with, in the past the water will drain right into the WaterGuard system.
The TripleSafe sump pump after it is completed and fully installed.