Gary of Davenport, IA called MidAmerica Basement Systems requesting an estimate and consultation. He expressed to the Appointment Center that he needed to fix large cracks in the basement walls along with walls that were bowing. He mentioned that the house is older and that he would definitely like to repair. Bowing walls are of special concern as they are clear signs of outside pressure pushing against the walls, if not repaired, the walls could eventually collapse and cave in entirely. So Gary was right to want to fix the foundation walls of his older home. The cracks were both vertical and horizontal were as thick as a quarter, along with alarming bowing walls. David "Mac" McDaniel was the Systems Design Specialists that came out to inspect and provide Gary a free estimate. After a thorough inspection, Mac suggested a plan that would permanently repair Gary's foundation walls.


The Lead Foreman on site was Jordan Strutt. The team installed the PowerBrace system to address the severely bowing walls. PowerBrace is designed to support basement walls. These steel I-beams will stabilize the wall in its current position without any further adjustment. The patented tightening system allows for potential straightening over time. With PowerBrace there is no outside excavation required and there is minimal disruption of basement space. Unlike other I-Beams, PowerBrace is zinc plated which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will also resist corrosion and rust.  The team bolted a bracket and screw assembly to framing near the bowing wall. The team then installed the I-beam between the screw and the wall, which is then is secured to the foundation floor. The screw is then tightened to force the beam against the wall. Eventually, the PowerBrace will force bowed walls back to their original position. Gary is thrilled to have his walls stabilized and excited for the potential improvement that is exclusive to the PowerBrace system.

Project Summary

Products Installed : (15) Foundation Supportworks PowerBrace I-Beams, 8'

Bowing Walls are hazardous and need to be stabilized.
PowerBrace I-Beam system visibly improves the condition of walls.
The patented PowerBrace tightening system that has been proven to improve damaged foundation walls.