Micheal has lived in his 1950's home for the last 22 years. He plans to live in his current home forever and thought it was time to fix his sinking driveway and garage floors. Over the year this garage floor has sunk over an inch and a half. It was a trip hazard and an eyesore. Along with his garage, his driveway was cracked in a few places and the slabs were all uneven.  


When he contacted MidAmerica Basement System he was interested in learning options for leveling his driveway. Design Specialist Cole Tatge was eager to teach him about the PolyLevel technology that could help his sinking driveway. PolyLevel is a foam that is injected under the slab to fill the void underneath. Ports are inserted into the driveway where the poly foam with be inserted. When the void is filled with the foam it starts to expand and harden lifting the slab. After the driveway had been leveled the spaces in between the slabs are filled with Nexus Pro. Nexus pro allows the slab to grow and shrink during hot and cold months without the slab cracking and breaking away.

Nexus pro being installed.
Before the project is started.
PolyLevel port installation.
Nexus pro will be installed to seal the cracks.