Homeowners Jed and Anita love spending time outdoors at their private pool however they slowly noticed over the years that the concrete around their pool started to sink and crack. They contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to learn more about the PolyLevel options we offer. PolyLevel is a foam that is pumped under the concrete slab, the foam fills the void under the slab. The foam expands and hardens that lifts and levels the slab.  


First ports are inserted into the ground where the poly foam will be injected. The poly foam is injected under the slab. A rubber hammer is used to see if there is still a void under the concrete slab. After the slabs are lifted, the holes where the ports were are filled and sealed. Afterwards the cracks in the slab are filled with Nexus Pro, this allows the slabs to grow and shrink during the colder and warmer months without cracking. 

The sidewalk where the PolyLevel lifted the slab.
After the poly foam is injected.
After the PolyLevel
After the sidewalk is crack free.
As the poly foam is lifting the slab.
The ports where the foam is injected.