Homeowners John and Kathy contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems when they were having water issues in the basement of their home. When the waterproofing crew began the work on their home they discovered that the floor of their home had a very large void under it. Usually when there is a void the slab of concrete with break and crack. However, in this situation, the slab stayed perfectly in place and the ground continued to wash away with the water that was getting into their basement. 


To make sure that the waterproofing was successful they needed to have the void filled with PolyLevel foam to make sure that the floor was stable enough to handle the waterproofing project. Small ports are injected into the slab and then the foam is pumped under the slab. The foam then expands and then hardens. The foam fills the void under the floor making sure that the integrity of the floor is restored.

The poly foam is injected under the slab will fill the void and make sure the integrity of the floor is restored.
Small ports are installed into the slab where the poly foam will be distributed.
After the ports are removed the hole is filled and resealed.
Before the poly foam is injected under the slab you can see the void has caused the floor to pull away from the floor.