Club members’ safety is the number one priority at Crow Valley Golf Club in Davenport, Iowa. Upon preparing the club pool for opening day for the 2017 summer season, lifeguards were noticing unlevel concrete around the pool deck. The unlevel pool deck can cause a high tripping hazard for club members of all ages. Staff members were concerned about the long wait period that mudjacking takes, worrying that the pool would not be ready in time to open on May 25th. When they reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems, they were pleased to hear about the PolyLevel System.


PolyLevel is similar to mudjacking, but uses modern technology and knowledge that is more effective than mudjacking. The advantages of PolyLevel to mudjacking is a day and night solution. PolyLevel is lightweight, roughly 4-6lbs per cubic foot, making it a safe product to install with little pressure to the pool walls. When injected, polymers expand to lift the concrete, while mudjacking relies on hydraulic pressure (causing more stress to the soil/pool walls). The injection of PolyLevel 250 at Crow Valley Golf Club allowed for the pool deck to become level and safe again. PolyLevel 250 is ideal for the use of typical flatwork that have light loads, while providing an accurate lift. The quick reaction time of the foam allows for a precise lift and quick cure time. PolyLevel allows for immediate loading/traffic access within 15 minutes of injection, while mudjacking can take several days to cure. This allowed for the staff members to access the area to finish preparing the pool the very same day that PolyLevel was injected.

After the PolyLevel was injected to level all the uneven areas of the pool deck, NexusPro Joint Sealant was places on the slab cracks. The sealant acts as a burrier that prevents water from seeping down through the cracks, which causes the ground underneath to wash-out. (Wash-outs, changing moisture amounts in the soil, and poorly compacted fill soil, are main reasons why slab settlement and sinking concrete occur.) NexusPro Joint Sealant can also be applied to go unnoticed by matching the color of the concrete, looking as it had always been present.

Thanks to MidAmerica Basement Systems, Crow Valley Golf Club was able to open their pool on time for the 2017 swim season. Staff members are very pleased to have their pool up and running on time, and are excited to have their members back at the pool. Club members can now walk on the pool deck without any tripping hazards of the concrete pool deck.

Project Summary

Pool Deck Leveling: PolyLEVEL

Concrete Sealant: Nexus Pro Joint Sealant

Crow Valley Golf Club.
Crew members work to level pool deck.
Before PolyLevel, concrete had settled over 1 1/2 inches in some areas.
PolyLEVEL made entrance and exit areas safe for walking.
After PolyLEVEL, Nexus Pro Joint Sealant was applied to all cracks to prevent water from seeping under concrete slabs.