Roger B. contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems because he noticed water coming in through the floor and wall joints in his basement. The water intrusion was not only annoying, but came with risks of mold and rot, ruining the air quality in Roger's whole home. Therefor, he decided to get his free estimate, and he met with design specialist Fred Romane.


Fred conducted a thorough investigation inside and outside the home, and custom designed a solution that would fit Roger's needs and wants for his crawlspace. The custom designed solution includes partial perimeter sub-floor drainage system, a new sump pump, and a buried discharge line. 

The patented sub-floor drainage system, WaterGuard, is installed at the floor and wall joints, catching water before it enters the interior of the basement. A powerful SuperSump Sump Pump was installed, allowing water from the WaterGuard system to empty into the SuperSump Sump Pump to be pumped out of the basement through a buried discharge line. Attached to the discharge line is an IceGuard attachment piece. IceGuard allows the water to exit above snow and ice in the event that the discharge line freezes. Roger is thrilled with his now dry basement!

Evidence of water damage before any work is done.
WaterGuard is installed with gravel which allows the water to keep moving beneath the floors.
The system is sealed with concrete.
The SuperSump Sump Pump is installed at the end of the WaterGuard System for ease of draining.
WaterGuard is installed.