Kirk H. from Galesburg noticed that a parts of the walls in his basement were shifting and allowing water intrusion. Concerned with the integrity of his basement, he called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. The team sent Design Specialist Mac McDaniel to provide a thorough inspection of the property and give a same day quote at no cost to Kirk. Mac explained the reason for the shift and what could be done to permanently repair the walls. Mac added that the system he had in mind actually has a tightening feature that could potentially improve the condition of the walls over time. Excited with the plan to permanently fix his basement, Kirk gave the go ahead.  


The team was led by Lead Foreman, Pete Hensler. The team permanently stabilized the walls with the PowerBrace system. PowerBrace stands out from other typical I-Beam systems for a variety of reasons. The most prominent feature of PowerBrace that makes it unique, is the patented tightening system. Because PowerBrace allows for tightening, the system can actually straighten or improve the condition of the walls. PowerBrace is also zinc plated which makes it resistant to corrosion and reduces abrasions. Kirk is relieved to have his basement safe again and looks forward to the potential improvements!  

Outside evidence of shift.
Inside view of the shift with the blocks being pushed inward.
PowerBrace system permanently stabilizes!