Wayne J. is the homeowner of this Bettendorf basement and was referred to the expertise of the MidAmerica Basement Systems team regarding the condition of his foundation walls. The team sent Design Specialist, Mac McDaniel, to Wayne's home where Mac then provided a thorough inspection of the property (inside and out) and a same day quote which didn't cost Wayne a dime. Mac suggested what permanent solution would work best for Wayne's home; installing wall anchors! 


The project was led by Foreman, Shane Ravenscraft. The team begins by digging small holes a few feet away from the foundation. A steel rod is drilled through a 1” inch hole and is connected to an earth anchor that is installed deep into the augured hole. An interior wall anchor is tightly secured to the rod and then tightened, stabilizing the wall. The augured hole is backfilled and removed sod is replaced. Wall anchors stabilize and also have a tightening ability which may straighten the wall over time! Homeowners especially like that there is minimal disturbance from the installation and that wall plates are low profile. Wayne has safe and permanently stabilized foundation walls! 

Preparing for the wall anchor installation.
Steel rods are drilled through and then connected to the wall anchors.
Earth anchors are deeply seated into the augured hole.
Wall anchors can permanently stabilize the foundation walls and potentially straighten the wall over time!
The finished project. It looks as is no holes or project ever occurred here, especially one that permanently stabilizes foundation walls! The team works tirelessly to leave the homeowner wowed!