After seeing the local experts at the Sterling homeshow, Sarah K. of Sterling, IL called MidAmerica Basement Systems because water was getting into her basement, and her basement walls were bowing. After meeting with her design specialist and sales manager Erik Tatge, a custom solution for her needs was designed. The waterproofing was done first. After the basement was waterproofed, then all four basement walls were to be stabilized. 


To stabilize the basement walls in Sarah's house, PowerBraces and CarbonArmor were used. The east wall was stabilized with CarbonArmor strips. The strips are made of carbon fiber which is 10x stronger than steel. CarbonArmor holds the bowing wall in place. PowerBraces were installed on the north, west and south walls. Seventeen PowerBraces were installed throughout the basement. PowerBraces are designed to stabilize the wall, and over time, they also have a potential corrective ability. The solution has given Sarah what she needed most: trust in the security of her home. 

Before the PowerBraces were installed.
PowerBraces on existing CleanSpace wall in the waterproofed and stabilized basement.
PowerBraces on the bowing wall.