Concrete block foundations are a common wall types found throughout older homes and buildings. Nancy O. has a concrete block foundation, and with that, the issues of cracked and bowing walls on three of the four sides. As the years have passed, the ground settled causing stress on the foundation, which caused the cracking and bowing on the foundation.


MidAmerica Basement Systems had the solution to help Nancy with her issues. On the two walls that had the most damage and stress, the Crew would install PowerBrace(s) to stop the walls from bowing out, and potentially reverse the damage. PowerBrace is designed to support basement walls, while potentially straightening the wall(s) over time with the patented tightening system. For the reminding wall, CarbonArmor was installed. CarbonArmor is substantially stronger than concrete and 10-times stronger than steel, while being flexible enough to contour to any type of wall. To make the CarbonArmor even more effective, the ArmorLock System is installed. The ArmorLock is an anchorage system that is designed to stop inward movement at the top of the wall. Using a combination of all of these systems is the sure-way to preventing the furthering of bowing and cracking of basement walls.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Mike Clementz

Products Installed: PowerBrace, CarbonArmor, & ArmorLock

PowerBrace(s) installed to prevent furthering bowing walls.
CarbonArmor & ArmorLock applied to wall to stop bowing and cracking.