Michael and Carol M. needed some basement help. They were extremely satisfied with the past work MidAmerica Basement Systems had done at their home, installing new windows, a sump pump, and some Thermal Dry Tile Flooring. Now, however, the homeowners needed full basement waterproofing, and some more beloved Thermal Dry Tile Flooring. The flooring, while not only attractive, also provides function as it is made of inorganic materials that allow it to be mold and moisture resitant. Armed with previous experience and information, they once again called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. 


Excited to get the project going, Michael and Carol met with design specialist, Joe Sarb, for a tailored solution. Joe's solution involved patented WaterGuard sub-floor drainage system, a TripleSafe sump pump, BrightWall, ZenWall and of course, the favorited Thermal Dry Tile Flooring and Thermal Dry Carpet Flooring. BrightWall is a wall finishing option that is 100% waterproof, that comes in a crisp white finish. It is low maintenance and won't ever require painting or any kind of touch up. ZenWall, another beautiful wall finishing product, has a waterproof backing designed to redirect any water intrusion to the sub-floor drainage system, WaterGuard. It is an attractive wall option that provides insulation that can keep a room up to ten degrees warmer. 

The Thermal Dry Flooring line is a tile or carpet that is designed to be easily installed and easy to maintain. If water gets under the tile or carpet, no worries. The material is mold and moisture resistant. Additionally, the tiles (carpet or tile finish) can simply be "popped out" to clean underneath, and then replaced. The flooring is incredibly easy to clean, not to mention, attractive! Michael and Carol M. are very happy with their newly waterproofed and partially finished basement.

WaterGuard installation in Silvis basement. This area will soon be adorned with ThermalDry Tile Flooring.
New TripleSafe sump pump, working with WaterGuard. The wall behind the new sump pump is the BrightWall.
ThermalDry Tile Flooring is being laid near new TripleSafe sump pump, contrasting nicely with the BrightWall.
The new ThermalDry Tile Flooring is fit around the TripleSafe sump pump. It looks great!
Another beautiful shot of the ThermalDry Tile Flooring and BrightWall.
ThermalDry Carpet Flooring and Zen Wall.