Davenport, IA resident and homeowner, Paul, started noticing a wall bowing in his garage. The bowing wall was accompanied by water intrusion. Paul decided to get something done; he wanted to correct the bowing wall and halt water intrusion. He contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems, the local experts in All Things Basementy.


After contacting MidAmerica Basement Systems, Paul met with design specialist Joe Sarb. Paul discussed his concerns with Joe, and then Joe preformed an investigation of the inside and outside of Paul's garage. 

Following the inspection, Joe recommended having the wall professionally straightened, and have the wall stabilized with Geo-Lock Wall Anchors. Foreman Pete Hensler led the installation. After straightening the walls, they installed the potentially corrective Wall Anchors. Wall Anchors. Wall Anchors are a great option because they don't infringe on usable space, and offer minimal lawn disturbance. The garage wall is now safe and straight. Not to mention, it looks great!

Wall Anchors on the interior of the garage wall.
The anchors are secured in the soil.
The soil is replaced with minimal disturbance.