Leslie and Connie were noticing water leaking in their finished basement and contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the problem fixed. During inspection, Mac had discussed that the small amount of water they were seeing was only the begging of a larger problem found behind their finished basement. The windows were leaking causing damage to the finished parts, and leaking walls and foundations were causing plenty of messes.


To address the water situation, a SuperSump, WaterGuard, EverLast Windows, CleanSpace, and BrightWall was installed. The new EverLast Windows provided a proper seal from the outside, preventing water from entering. BrightWall was installed in the unfinished areas of the basement to help prevent moisture from entering the basement. Because BrightWall is a rigid plastic material, mold growth and rotting will be prevented. CleanSpace was placed along the lower portions of the walls that had small leaks. Similar to BrightWall but is a thick liner, CleanSpace also provided a vapor barrier. WaterGuard was installed along the entire perimeter of the basement to help direct any water that enters, to be properly discharged by the SuperSump. To repair the damaged areas of the finished basement, EverLast Wall Restoration panels were installed. The panels provide a strong, mold and rot resistant product, that is completely washable. The thick panel also provides a thermal insulation for the basement area. ThermalDry Flooring was installed to give the finished flooring look the basement needed. The raised pegged system gives a thermal break between the ground and tiles, while allowing for moisture to pass. The tile is completely inorganic material that will never rot or mold or become ruined if water damage become present. Leslie and Connie will never have to worry about their basement becoming ruined again due to water issues.

Project Summary

Waterproofing Products: SuperSump, WaterGuard, CleanSpace, & BrightWall

Total Basement Finishing Products: EverLast Windows, EverLast Walls, & ThermalDry Flooring

Design Specialist: Mac McDaniel

Project Engineer: Mike Clementz

SuperSump and WaterGuard are installed to help address water situation.
BrightWall is installed to create a vapor barrier between leaking foundation wall and basement.
CleanSpace and WaterGuard work together to collect and direct water to the SuperSump.
ThermalDry Flooring gives the floor a finished look with a waterproof material.