Steve was having issues with water coming in his basement, growing his concern since he had a sump pump in his basement. As he investigated more on the leak, he found a large foundation crack that had been discolored due to seeping water. He decided to contact MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the crack repaired, and to upgrade his 22-year-old sump pump.


When design specialist, Mac arrived at Steve’s home, he inspected the foundation crack. Due to the size of the crack, a polyurethane sealant would not fix the issues. Instead, CleanSpace was placed over top the crack to help reduce the moisture issues, and guide the leaking water down the wall and into a WaterGuard system. WaterGuard is a patented drainage track that collects seeping water from the floor and walls, and redirects it to a sump pump. To replace the old, worn down sump pump, a three pump TripleSafe system was offered. Thanks to the waterproofing experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems, Steve has a basement that he knows will stay dry.

Old 22-year-old sump pump is ready to be replaced with a new TripleSafe sump pump.
A large foundation crack had left the basement in a wet mess.
CleanSpace is installed overtop the foundation crack to help redirect water and reduce moisture levels.
WaterGuard is installed along the perimeter of the wall to collect the seeping water and redirect it to the TripleSafe.
A new TripleSafe replaces the worn down, 22-year-old pump.