Project Info

Jeff was reaching out in hopes someone could help him with his sinking driveway and sidewalk. He didn’t want to have to re-pour the concrete, and was thankful when MidAmerica Basement Systems offered him the solution PolyLevel. PolyLevel uses high-density polymers, and when a reactive is added, expands to lift and stabilize the concrete. Small injection ports are inserted into the concrete to allow for PolyLevel. Once injected, the polymers fill the voids which cause the original source of the sunken driveway and sidewalk. PolyLevel then expands to lift the concrete to appropriate heights, and quickly hardens to offer a stable and sturdy base for the slabs. The effortless injections it took Jeff to have his driveway injected with PolyLevel not only saved him money than the alternative concrete re-pour, but also saved him a lot of time.