Wall Anchors in Bettendorf, IA

Homeowners Mike and Sally have lived in their home for the last 20 years. For the last year they have been worried about the bowing wall in their basement. They were concerned with the bowing wall and the water that comes in from the crack of the bowing wall. When they meet with Design Specialist Mac McDaniel’s they learn why the walls of their home were bowing and the best ways to fix the problem. To help the problem they needed a GeoLock Wall Anchor System. The GeoLock Wall Anchor System permanently stabilizes your basement walls and offers the best opportunity to straighten your walls over time without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement.  

Sod is carefully removed and an earth anchor hole is augured. A small hole is drilled through the basement wall and rod is driven out. An earth anchor is installed and attached to the rod. A wall plate is attached and tighten, seating the earth anchor. The hole is backfilled and sod is replaced. Anchors can be tightened at intervals and improve wall condition.