Project Info

Homeowners Dave and Rebecca have lived in their home for many years. However, over the last few years, they have noticed more water problems in their basement. In the past, they have used this space as storage, however with the continuing water problems they knew that it was not safe to store their personal belongings for fear of damage or mold. Design Specialist Justin Bailey did a full inspection of the inside and the outside of their home. He recommends a full perimeter waterproofing system along with a new sump pump. The WaterGuard System and the TripleSafe Sump Pump are the best way to fight water issues. The WaterGuard System is a full perimeter system that is installed around the base of the walls of your basement. These systems help you channel the water out of your home. The TripleSafe sump pump is a three sump system that comes with a battery back up and a water watch alarm. The battery back up keeps your system running in case of power loss and the water watch alarm will notify you when the water in the pump is getting too high so that you can keep your home dry.