Waterproofing in Morton, IL

Homeowner Rick has lived in his home for the last three years in that tie he has had some water issues in his basement. He thought the water was coming from his washer and dryer every time it rained. Design Specialist Troy Hamilton did a full inspection of the inside and the outside of the home. After completing his inspection Troy determined that Ricks; home was in need of a full perimeter waterproofing system. Rick agreed that this would be the best option for him and the life and quality of his home. The full perimeter waterproofing system included a WaterGuard System. A WaterGuard system is underground piping that channels that water out of your home.  To install the system first you must dig a trench around the perimeter of the basement. The trench will be cleared out and the WaterGuard system will be placed in the trench. To hold the trench in the proper place it is back filled with rocks. After it is level and in the proper place the system is pave of to make it about of your home without notice. The system will keep water out improving the quality of your home.