MidAmerica Basement Systems is dedicated to providing your home with the specific and most effective solution to your leaking basement and failing foundation needs. Each design specialist undergoes extensive training so your home’s unique situation is resolved the right way, the first time. Once your system is installed by our highly trained installation crews, you can finally have piece of mind that your home is healthy and will continue to stay healthy for many more years to come.

But just because you’ve had a system installed, doesn’t mean that we stop serving you and your home. Unlike most companies, we back our products not only because of their patented designs, but by inspecting your system yearly after it has been installed. Our exceedingly trained service technicians ensure that your system is properly working at all times. Whether it be a sump pump system to a wall stabilizing system, they inform you of what is working, what may need to be replaced, or even a product that needs to be added to increase the effectiveness of your system.

Don’t just have a system installed and expect it to do its job every day. Yes, that is ideal and the main goal. But just like everything we do and have done, it isn’t guaranteed to continue to work the way it should, but there are solutions preventing something from failing. Take in consideration, if you have a waterproofing system installed that keeps your basement from becoming wet, that’s what the system is supposed to do! But, just like a pair of shoes, a pump needs to be replaced every so often, and the more the pump is working, the more wear it receives. A simple annual service allows for the service technicians to see this wear. In return, they inform you of what should be done to prevent the pump from giving out during the times it’s needed most, and protecting what you may have in your basement. All issues are preventable if you just take the proper precautions beforehand.

When was your last annual service? Have you ever had one? Or do you even have concerns about your system? Maybe you’re a new homeowner to a house that has had our system installed before your residency? All these questions and concerns are a simple call away. Our appointment staff will set you up with the perfect service technician for your system.

Call: 1-800-541-8006 or request an appointment here.