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Basement Finishing Photo Album: Old, Damp Limestone Basement Installs Total Basement Finishing Products in Manchester, IA

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Susan and her husband have always had wood paneling on their basement walls, but were ruined by mold and moisture. They had replaced the paneling many times, but would always end up with the same issue. Damaged by mold and moisture due to having limestone walls. They reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have their basement looked and have the moisture problem addressed so they could finish their basement. Due to having a limestone foundation, it was addressed that the walls would always be damp, but installing a SaniDry Sedona will help control the moisture levels in the basement. Joe also offered the couple Total Basement Finishing products to install in their basement. EverLast Wall Panels not only offer thermal insulation, but waterproof panels that will not be affective by the moisture of limestone and are mold resistant. ThermalDry Floor Matting was also installed to provide a thermal break from the cold, damp ground. The peg-raised flooring allows for water and moisture to flow properly beneath the tiles, prevented pooling and puddling, and mold growth or damage to the tiles.

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