If you’re ready to sell, or even thinking about selling, what would you think of your home? Is your basement in need of “updating?” Would you describe the crawlspace as a “home improvement project?” Would you want your basement to have an “overhaul?” If your home is one of these basement “fixer-uppers,” don’t panic. MidAmerica Basement Systems is going to help you fix it to list it. We’re in the business of helping your basement become deal makers, not deal breakers.

MidAmerica Basement Systems has been in business for over 25 years, and has a long history of satisfied customers, not to mention, estimates are always free. At the appointment, our design specialists evaluate the home and its problems, and will never try to sell homeowners unnecessary work. Additionally, warranties are transferable – the warranty stays with the house, not the owner. When you choose not to sell a home with problems, you increase the home’s value, give the buyer peace of mind, and a guarantee that the issues weren’t “quick fixed” but time and effort went in to choosing the right solution, and they have a warranty to prove it. This kind of selling maximizes the transaction experience for everyone involved. The buyer buys a great home, and the seller recoups more on the sale than they otherwise would have. The answer is obvious: if you’re selling, it’s better to get the problem fixed now and fixed right, then fixed poorly or not at all.

If you’re selling, thinking about selling, or just want your basement problems to go away, you can get signed up for your free estimate here. The marketing team is available to talk to realtors for more information on the fix it to list it program.