The Latest in Water Management Technology

For the most part, the way we have thought about water management—and specifically our gutters—has been the same for hundreds of years. We’ve seen amazing advancements in communication, art, technology, and most other aspects of our lives, but we’ve neglected to reimagine one of the most important components of our homes. Luckily, the team at GutterShutter has reimagined how gutters are built, creating better, maintenance-free gutters that we can install for all Quad Cities residents.

Benefits of the GutterShutter System

GutterShutter is an entirely non-clogging system, so you’ll never have to clean out dirty, nasty gutters again! The seamless design lowers the risk of developing leaks or rust, and GutterShutter systems all use the thickest aluminum available for residential use. 

As water runs over the covered system, water will begin to drain through holes in the vented hood. Any water that doesn’t enter through those holes flows over the rounded edge of the hood and into the trough using surface tension, so sticks, leaves, and other debris fall right off the edge! Plus, the hood is attached to the trough using our patented end cap to hold the pieces securely in place, preventing any separations where water can escape out of or debris can find its way into the system.

The high back on our gutters is specifically designed to cover the whole fascia board around your home. This is a common area where mold growth and rot tend to take hold, because standard gutters often allow water to get trapped behind them, seeping into the wood and causing rot over time. Large, specialized studs provide extra security to the system, preventing your gutters from pulling away from your home over time.

GutterShutter Installation in the Quad Cities

MidAmerica Basement Systems is a team that cares about the health of your whole home—that means deterring water entry from the roof to the basement—and a quality gutter system is the easiest way to mitigate your chances of water damage. Properly redirecting roof water away from your home makes it harder for water to pool near your foundation walls, helping save you from expensive foundation or basement work down the line.

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Installing GutterShutter