“I cannot say, stop saying good things about your company. From the first phone call, to the cleanup process, everyone was very professional, and very helpful in every way. I feel you have the best workers, who also take pride in their work. A truly great quality. Thank you all for a job well done.” – Abby P., Cedar Rapids, IA

Our professionalism starts with your first call to MidAmerica Basement Systems. We believe that a friendly, inviting environment is the best way to set to pace to our company’s integrity. Our appointment center is always ready and willing to get you started in the right direction; whether you are calling for a free estimate, scheduling an appointment, or service visit, organization is key when connecting with our customers.          “I appreciated that before our appointment, the office staff sent me information about the systems. They also sent a picture of our sales rep. so I would know who to expect. All of the literature I received was professionally done and very informative. I appreciate all of the help we had from the office staff, to the sales rep., to the actual installers. A job well done.”  - Kathy S., Bettendorf, IA

When our design specialists arrive at your home, you can expect to know everything about them before you meet them. We take our professionalism to the next level by extending information packets, not only about the design specialist themselves, but all the information you need to know and to expect from our products and solutions we offer. Our design specialists are tremendously knowledgeable in offering the best solution to your problem, rather than offer products that are unnecessary and cost you more. You can also expect them to know the answer to every question you have about the products they offer you.       “Our sales rep. was very personable and explained things very well. He didn’t try to oversell or try to convince me to purchase features I didn’t really need.”  - Lindsay D., Manchester, IA

Our knowledge and professionalism doesn’t stop at our design specialists. It carries on to our production crew as well. Pride, organization, and efficiency are vital in our projects. We take pride in the work we do, and will do it in a timely, clean, respectful manner. No need to worry that our services will take extended periods of time. We guarantee that you are our number one priority and will work until the project is complete.           “They were very courteous and professional, explained everything and asked permission before starting anything. They were very hard workers, and made the installation much more quickly than I would have thought possible. The installation looked great – very neat – and there was absolutely no mess left anywhere in my house.” – Janet R., Groveland, IL

You will also never have to worry about our systems failing with our yearly service visits. Our service crew properly, and thoroughly inspects all systems that have been installed in your home. Before any work begins, our service crew will tell you exactly what they will be doing and why it is going to be done. And as always, they are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your system(s). You can again expect an efficient and clean process during your service visit.         “I couldn’t be more pleased with the TripleSafe system we had installed. What a relief it has been to not have to deal with a wet basement. The system works perfectly and everyone in the organization has been just great to work with. We had our annual inspection this past week, and your crew has always been on time (or earlier!) and worked quickly and cleanly.” – Jeff W., Port Byron, IL

We at MidAmerica Basement Systems take pride in the work we do, while providing the best services and products available in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it. See what everyone else is saying about us! Or, contact us today for a free, no obligations, estimate, and experience our company for yourself!             ”I have (and will continue to) recommended MidAmerica Basement Systems to my freineds, family, co-workers, and neighbors. I am so happy with everything your company has done for me from start to finish. Thank you!” – Sheree O., Waterloo, IA