In summer months, the cold concrete walls of your basement can create condensation. During the winter months, heat that you have paid for, easily seeps through the porous concrete walls and escapes outside, because concrete conducts heat easily. How do you address these issues? With the new Foamax Basement Wall Insulation. Foamax makes any basement warmer and brighter, while preventing basement wall condensation and heat-loss.

Foamax is an advanced polyisocyanurate foam insulation panel, designed with a white foil finish. The white finish gives the basement a brighter look, allowing for panels to be left as-is (if desired). On the opposite side, the foil vapor barrier helps control basement humidity, and works hand-in-hand with MidAmerica Basement Systems patented drain systems. Any leaks that may appear will not affect the Foamax, offering long-lasting insulation panels.

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