During the winter months, the weather can be unpredictable, especially in the Midwest. One day it can be in the 50’s, wet and rainy, leaving the ground saturated. The next can be 20 degrees and snowing for days on end, with an end result of melting and saturating the ground. All the moisture then seeps its way in through cracks and creases, and most of the time, ends up in our basements. The only way to prevent your basement from becoming wet is a waterproofing system.

It starts with a simple call to MidAmerica Basement Systems to set up a free estimate with one of our highly trained design specialists. Each design specialist will due a thorough inspection of your home’s basement and/or crawlspace, and since each home is different from the next, the system that is offered will be specific and unique to your home. Once the design specialist has given you and your home the perfect and most suitable waterproofing system, it’s time to have your basement or crawlspace fixed.

The next step comes from the approval of the production department. It is crucial that the right crew is sent out to your home. Each job and every job detail, is very important and critical in making sure the right team is sent out to your home. (You wouldn’t want an egress crew coming in to install your waterproofing system, would you?) Our waterproofing professionals have extensive training and knowledge and many years of experience, ensuring that your system will keep your basement or crawlspace dry. The knowledge they have is unexplainable. They can answer any question that you as a homeowner may have, without hesitation. 

Each crew treats your home like their own. They make sure that everything they do, or may need to change is approved by you as the homeowner. Our crews are known for the remarkable cleanliness and cleanup process that goes on with each of the jobs they perform. Don’t just take my word for it, check out our crew reviews! Besides, our crews aren’t your typical contractor crews. We can install a waterproofing system as little as one day. We know how stressful home construction can be, and we believe that being focused on one job, and only one job, shows efficient and effective installation.

The final step in the basement and crawlspace waterproofing step, is relaxing. With a waterproofing system from MidAmerica Basement Systems, you no longer have to worry about the melting snow or the wet rainy season. Call us now and set up your free, no obligations, estimate. But don’t hesitate, the snowy and rainy seasons are approaching fast. Stop it before it’s too late!

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